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Automotive Technology Degree

Denominación oficial de la carrera según resolución nº 6248/2003
Tecnicatura Superior en Mecánica liviana

Level: Undergraduate degree
3 years
Number of hours:

Modality: Classroom setting – Spanish language  
Degree: Técnico Superior en Mecánica Liviana
Advanced Technical Degree or Higher Technician

In Argentine this career is equivalent to:
Bechelor's Degree Automotive Engineering Technology (US)

Resolution Nº: 6248/2003

ITM , as a leader entity on teaching automotive advanced technologies, has successfully bet on an innovative, creative and a dynamic line of advanced official tertiary education since 2005.

General Objectives of the Course of Study

This course of studies has the advantage of being a short and specific career. It facilitates the incorporation of the students to the working world, as well as it promotes the professional development through a solid professional training of a high level of requirement, meant to satisfy the needs of the speciality.

¿What advantages does this course of study offer?

It certifies a tertiary degree, conceived as an instance of higher
academic level with official recognition.

It is a short 3-year course of study .

It gives answers to the new working opportunities, as well as
to the needs and requirements that crop up in the market.

It offers a high technological content syllabus as a back-up to
this exciting speciality. .

The institute owns an avant garde garage and cutting -edge
technology 0 KM engines.

It has reknown professionals in charge of the classes.

The institute offers important internships with automotive

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What is the graduate´s profile?

General competente:

The High Technician in Automotive Technology is a professional that will be qualified to: organize, program, execute and control the technologic and administrative operations linked to the automotive and light machines (their design, operation and repairing) and coordinate working teams related to their speciality.

Spanish edition

Why study at ITM Institute?

ITM is an enterprising, based technology institute with a growing reputation for excellence in education. Our students become highly employable, going on to successful careers in sectors automotive.

ITM offers High-quality of education to an accessible cost.

About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the dynamic metropolis of Argentina , it offers a charming combination of European tradition and Latin attitude. Often called the "Paris of South America" for it's wide boulevards and active sidewalk cafe life and home of the tango, Buenos Aires is one of the world's greatest cities. Porteños like to boast that their city is home to over 300 theaters, 100 plus galleries, and at least 70 museums. It is definitely the most culturally creative city of the southern hemisphere.


Automotive Technology Institute

- General Objetives
- What advantages does this course of study offer?
- What is the graduate´s profile?
- What is the graduate´s working field ?
- Curriculum
- Entrance conditions
- Entrance requirements
- Starts
- Timetable 


This initiative is part of the ITM Institutional Educational Project. ITM students, throughout the last two years at college, participate in the construction of a car, where various subjects are devoted and applied to make the necessary contributions to this project. This is an outstanding project in the educational history of the country.

Competence area

The competence areas of the High Technician in Automotive Technology are the following:

Actively paricipate in the organization of a company

•  Be a computer literate
•  Administer and participate in quality programs.
• Transmit and receive technical and company information.
• Interpret technical and financial information.
• Evaluate costs and benefits of the projects that he manages or that he participates in and make up budgets, financing and interests.
• Provide information to collaborate in decision making.
• Interpret and apply the current rules and legislation in his respective field.
• Plan, as part of a team, maintenance and production tasks taking on complementary roles.

Apply the scientific principles that rule the operation of vehicles and machines.

• Analyze and intervene in the subsystems that make it up.
• Produce and interpret technical, graphic and written communications.
• Select material and transformation processes for specific purposes.
• Design and use automation and control systems.
• Use machines and tools properly.
• Use measuring instruments properly and interpret their results.

Be part of the design, repairing, and use of automotives and light machine units.

• Identify flaws, repair, calibrate and adjust machines and engines following instructions and/or maintenance and service manuals.
• Interpret, use and update technical manuals and maintenance rules, service and productive processes.
• Use equipment with IT support in the different operations of the company.
• Apply criteria of the Automotive Engineering to make repairs according to manufacturing rules.
• Process information in English.
• Plan and perform preventive and predictive maintenance tasks .
• Tune up and repair light mechanics units in general.

What is the working field of the graduate?

Through the Automotive Technology course of study, the Higher Tecnician will be able to develop his activities in large and medium-sized companies and in micro business management as well as in the tertiary sector.

The Higher Technician´s roles will range from strongly specific to particularly global negotiations; varying according to the technological content, type of size and negotiation of the company which he works for.

In larger companies he participates, from his specific tasks, inside the “maintenance team”, increasing the participation in the most strategic aspects and the decision-making as the size of the company decreases.

The coordinated work , in teams and interrelated with other sectors occupies a key place in the activities of the project , design and negotiation.

He will be able to fulfill different tasks inside the organization such as:

•  Supervising and planning
•  Production
•  Maintenance
•  Repairing
•  Purchases
•  Quality management

Cobra Project. Second year, mechanics assembling, air suspension and brakes.

The Technologist degree is done in six four-month-periods of theory and practice with a total number of 1824 horas cátedra.
Degree: Higher Technician


Total de horas de la carrera 1824

- Entrance conditions
- Poseer Título de nivel medio (Título secundario)

- Entrance requirements (click here)

Enrolments are to be received in person in ITM Secretary´s office
Mondays through Fridays from 8.30 a 12.30 hs.
5125 Aristóbulo del Valle (CP 1653) Villa Ballester
Buenos Aires - Argentina 
Telephone: (54 11) 4767-4878

Overseas students, that enrol in the course of study, can present an enrolment certificate properly legalized to claim the student visa in the Argentine Embassy in their country of origin. Further information:

Limited vacancies. Enrolment closes when we get to the maximun quota.

Starting March 2010

Levelling course to enter First year:
Wednesday 4 th , March from 8:00 to10:00 am.
First and Second year classes start:

Monday 1 6 th , March at 8.00 am.
Third year classes start: Monday 17th 18.30 pm.

Academic Year 2009-2010 Costs:

Tuition for the 2009-2010 Academic Year is U$D 2,185. per year.


First and second year:
Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12.30 pm.
Third year:
Monday through Thursday from 18.30 a 22.30 hs